SMOK company has been working on our market since 1998. We specializes in production of devices and software that are useful in the field of car’s electronics. Our products are made of best materials, available on the market in SMD technology. Each device is delivered with original software and with possibility of online updating. SMOK’s brand is well- known majority of cars’ electronics engineers. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

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Supported Jaguar TFT
Jaguar XJ TFT Jaguar XJ TFT Read/Write KM, Clear all errors Jaguar XF24c64 Read/Write KM, Clear all errors Jaguar XK, XKR 24c64 Read/Write KM,...
price: 230 euro
Supported Mazda 3/5/6/CX5
Supported Mazda 3/5 2009-2013 ,6/CX5 2013-... Mazda 3 2009-2013 Read/Write Km, Read/Write EEprom Mazda CX5 2013-... Read/Write KM, Read/Write KM Mazda 6...
price: 280 euro
Dacia change KM + blocking ABS
Dacia change KM + blocking ABS Option supports cars Dacia.Change KM + make blocking ABS all by OBD Dacia OBD (dash+ABS) Dokker 2013... Duster 2013... Lodgy...
price: 200 euro
Supported Nissan dashboard
ECUx Supported Nissan dashboard HCS12X 2009-... przez OBD (from 08.12.1014) Nissan Qashqai Write KM, Read/Write EEprom, Read/Write Flash Nissan Murano...
price: 230 euro
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