SMOK company has been working on our market since 1998. We specializes in production of devices and software that are useful in the field of car’s electronics. Our products are made of best materials, available on the market in SMD technology. Each device is delivered with original software and with possibility of online updating. SMOK’s brand is well- known majority of cars’ electronics engineers. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

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Interface Multi Tool
Universal interface Multitool. It works with programmes: 1 .Fiat Tool 2 .X-can 3 .Ford Tool 4 .Volvo Tool 5 .Chrysler CAN 6 .ECUx 7 .Opel All 8. PSA BSI...
price: 130 euro
J-Tag Programmer
Universal programmer J-Tag. It supports processors:HC12, HC08, Micronas, MAC, Infineon, Renesas, Freescale, HC12XEP 5M84h CAS4. Attention !!!. Necessary interface...
price: 50 euro
Updating Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61725)
Programmer Renesas H8SX (R5F61721,R5F61723,R5F61725). RepairAirBag Toyota ,Subaru,Honda. Attention !!!. Necessary interface J-tag (price: 50 eur) NEW New...
price: 650 euro
Updating Magic Dash X-can VW Seat Skoda Option I
Universal programme Magic Dash X-can is designed for new models of VW after 2006... through OBDII with Prepare key. We offer the possibility of extending Magic...
price: 950 euro
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